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  • Ben Franklin Pot Belly Historical

  • Three Color Amber Marque Earrings

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The best gift shop in Philadelphia!


Mineralistic is a gift store located on 319 South St, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is considered a must-see store in Philadelphia. We carry an eclectic array of jewelery, figures, minerals, fossils and chess sets.

Also to service the needs of our New Jersey customers we have a second store located at 709 Haddon Ave, in historic Collingswood, NJ.


amber, puzzles, jewelry, art nouveau, cards, teapots, frogs, mermaids, candles, fairies, journals, dragons, gargoyles, celtic jewelry, insects, incense, skulls, gnomes, amy brown, chess sets, egyptian figurines, brian and wendy froud, maxine gadd, minerals, night lights, plaques, string dolls